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The purpose of Shock N’ All Fitness is to enable clients to increase their overall physical strength and ability, while also developing positive mental strength. This mission is based on our philosophy that maximum results or body reshaping starts in the mind of each individual person. Our focus is to ‘supercharge’ and empower our clients with confidence and courage necessary to effect the desired change. We feel that without this inner-work, external transformation will not be achieved.

We have the best Gym Trainers

Shock N’ All Fitness has the best trainers because we are constructed to focus on mental and heath development first, in order for our clients to successfully develop a physical transformation

The best fitness facilities

We are considered the best facility because we host classes and personal training that meet all the needs for our clients. Our focus towards our clients' is making healthy choices in life.

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Why Choose us?

Shock N’ All Fitness is the best of the best. We strive hard to meet the goals of all our clients.

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What Clients Say


Chef Aviyah, Client

I have known this wonderful sister for 6 years and she has always taken fitness serious. I started my fitness journey with Lady Bartee on July 7, 2021. She is a great fitness coach and attentive to every part of the body, such as posture, movement, and strength. For years I struggled with back problems because of the unbalance in my hips and seeing a chiropractor because of this. However, since training with Lady Bartee I have witness a drastic change with my body. Less than three weeks I’ve developed strength in my back, and already shredding pounds and inches. Today I can honestly say that I have less back and neck pain through her customize training. She shows compassion, motivation, support and inspiration through her trainings. Each week I celebrate small wins with my body composition. I look forward to seeing even more results as she continues to train me.

Larissa Pitcher, Client

Every time I meet with Chalese my faith is renewed and I start to believe that my fitness journey will be successful. I met Chalese in the summer of 2021. There was an instant connection. We spoke about our passions for good health mentally, spiritually and physically. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and drive for wanting to support women and help the community; lead me to inquire about a personal training session. She has taken my fitness journey to the next level. I love how she met me where I was in my fitness journey. Her building commitment, and knowledge has kept me engaged and encouraged. She inspires me to keep pressing forward in this journey.I admire her kind, fun, and humble spirit and look forward to my weekly sessions to become stronger and more confident. Because of her support she has my support aways.

Brenda Moore, Client

My experience with Chalese as my physical trainer has been positive. My biggest challenge has been consistency. Although I have worked out most of my adult life to some degree, I had gotten to the point where my routines no longer worked for me. The enthusiasm I once had about exercising was no longer there, although I knew I had to do something. To top all that off, the pounds started piling on. Working with Chalese brought back those feelings I used to have when I first began to work out. My energy has been restored and so has my enthusiasm. I’m learning fresh new routines that are challenging. I’m not where I want to be, yet. But no doubt, if I stick with the plan Chalese has drawn up for me, I’ll get there! Where it comes to working your body, no one can do it for you. However, Chalese is right there with you every step of the way and believe it or not, makes the process fun. If you’re just looking for something to do or someone to wave a magic wand to melt away those unwanted pounds, this is not the class for you. But if you’re willing to work hard and see some real results, this is where you need to be.

Zapporah Whitted, Client

Hi, my name is Pora and I am 16 years old. I have been on this fitness journey with Shock N’ All Fitness for months now and I absolutely love every minute of it! The energy to keep going and have strength was definitely in every workout. Every time I take the classes I am more motivated and inspired to keep moving forward in this journey. Since taking her classes I have developed strength, confidence, and motivation to do better. I also improved in my breathing techniques, and not to say the least but did I mention my confidence is through the roof! I love working out with Lady Bartee! Shock N’ All Fitness has definitely changed my life for the good!

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Shock N’ All Fitness has the best trainers because we are constructed to focus on mental and heath development.